Saturday, 13 January 2018

January 2018 Update

Hi all, if you've read my last post, you'd know that I've set myself a list of goals to achieve. Like I said, 2017 has been a shitty year and I'm doing my best to make 2018 a better one.

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I started the year with a bullet journal. Bullet journaling is a bit of a task especially from a perfectionist like me. It's just that sometimes that it is unsatisfying to me when the lines are not straight or when suddenly I wrote something wrong with a pen and I don't like to cross it out because it doesn't seem perfect.

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Bullet journaling taught me that I need to chill when something is not done perfectly. It taught me to think through the mistakes I did and turn it into a doodle or something. This also has made me realised that I don't have to stick with the same weekly spread throughout the year. I could always change it however I want to and how often I want to. It doesn't limit my way of writing things down and planning my whole week or day. Note to self, bullet journaling is never perfect.

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Other than sticking with journaling, I did write down that I wanted to be able to run continuously throughout a 10k route. In order to achieve that goal, I would, of course, need to train myself so that I could be able to do that. I set myself a mini goal, that I should go for a run in the gym after work. I usually procrastinate when it comes to this and ended up not going to the gym. To avoid procrastination and just not going to the gym, I force myself to just do things immediately.

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Just as I reached home after work, I would set myself to not lay on the bed and I can't watch any youtube videos since I'm rewarding myself by allowing myself to watch videos while I'm on the treadmill. I would straight do some chores, and ready myself for Magrib prayers. While waiting for the prayer time, I would immediately change my work clothes to my gym clothes. So that I don't have time and chance to hesitate on going to the gym. As the prayer time starts, I would immediately pray and when I'm done I would go straight ahead to the gym. This routine actually avoids delays and hesitation.

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Although, I find it difficult whenever my grandma is in town. It's just that whenever she's here, I find it hard to do anything else and I just like to spend time with her. I know that sounds like an awwwh moment. But really, that doesn't seem to achieve much. Both of us would be lying on the bed and scrolling through our phone like a bunch of teenagers.

That's it for now on my mid-January update on achieving my 2018 goals. Shall update more insyaAllah.

Cool cool,

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Saturday, 30 December 2017

2017 Sucks : Bring it On 2018

Guess what, 2017 is about to end like literally tomorrow. Being it the last day of the year. Ahh, imagine that, in just about 24 hours, we will be turning to a new book. Starting on a new fresh page. With a chapter of our own.

Honestly, my take on 2017 was pretty shitty. I started the year feeling shitty. Thus, my bet is that's why almost the whole year turned shitty like.

I wasn't really enjoying the year as it is. I was rushing and forcing myself to get out of the situation and almost did nothing to overcome the problem. Instead of finding different solutions, I stuck with one. Being stubborn that I am, I choose to not let my ego down. I choose to overthink instead of just winging it.

The other day, I had a small talk with a colleague of mine. She asked me about what are my future goals/plans. Like long-term goals. Then I realised that I haven't really thought about it. I mean yes, I'm saving up for future travels and stuff. But what happens in between that and after that?

Now that 2018 has been on its way about to knock on my door, I decided to actually have a long thought on my long-term goals and plans. What am I going to do to achieve it?

Also, I'll be writing down my goals in here. I figure that if I let for the internet to have access to this, I'll be more motivated to prove them that I'm not just talking the talk but I'll also walk the walk.

But for now, let's start with 2018 goals. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Here we go.

2018 Goals

  1. Able to continuously run within a 10k distance.
  2. Take up online courses.
  3. Eat more fruits and less fast foods.
  4. Keep a journal throughout the year.
  5. Start saving up for NYC and Disneyland/Disney World.
  6. Consume less disposables such as plastics.
  7. Instead of hating, start accepting.
  8. Make-up time and funds for a personal day off.
  9. Create more stuff. Improve personal portfolio.
  10. Get educated on religion.

Cool cool,

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

My Relationship with Books

After I finished my college, I happened to read more than ever. About at least 4 books in a month. That all started when I bought shit-load of books from the nation wide famous book fair -- Big Bad Wolf Book Fair.

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Back in the days, I find it hard to adapt the reading habit. English books are a bit pricey here. Thus, I don't consume books as much as I consume time to other English medium stuff like TV shows and music. Now that I'm able to afford some leisure stuff, finally I'm indulging into worthy cheaper books. Which is not that hard to find around Klang Valley.

I really love reading. I like how it brings me to someone else's point of view, and how their thoughts work. When I'm so into reading what I read, it is like I'm diving into a different universe. For a moment there, I forgot about my own reality. All of my depression and anxiety were gone for a while.

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But of course, when I put down the book, I needed a minute or two in order to find my balance back to reality. Only then, there is where the depression and anxiety come back.

My favourite genre is, of course, some fictional books. I don't get along with any non-fiction or self-help type of books. Although, I am trying to let myself be a little more flexible and have a go at other types of genre.

I really wish for more books to read. More books to own and fill up my bookcases. With beautifully shelved books. Ah, that feeling tho. Having a book collection of my own, with a little reading corner.

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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Bangkok 2017

Image result for coldplay tour


Coldplay just announced that they are touring Asia for the  AHOD tour.


What's the catch?

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They are not coming to Malaysia.

Okay, okay. We can go to the show in Singapore. Won't be a problem.


"Coldplay tickets for Singapore concert sold out in less than 2 hours"

 - Channel News Asia

When you try your best but you don't succeed....


Now what?

HECK YEAH!! Finally another chance to get those hot cakes.

Thus, a start of a wonderful journey. Where I manage to get tickets to Coldplay's Bangkok show; after battling for their show in Singapore.

I tell you, the battle was hella worth it. Their show was beyond amazing. The special effects the hype. The everything is just really wonderful. It was a live show that is worth to watch at least once in a lifetime.

A few months before getting ready to fly off to Bangkok, I made a forum post on Trip Advisor and was wondering is there anyone else going to the same concert as well. To my surprise, there were a number of people who responded to my post. Most of them are first-timers to Bangkok as well. So in the end, we formed a whatsapp group for people who are going to Coldplay's concert in Bangkok. It was really a good platform to make new friends. We ended up having a short meetup in Bangkok, which was pleasing. Now because of common interest, I have friends from Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines.

I'm trying to expose myself more into making conversations with a total stranger. The ones where we don't have any mutual friends or anything. It has been going great so far.

Regardless, the whole trip was a heck of an experience. I'd love to go to Bangkok again. Someday, maybe.

Also, check out my video for a glimpse of what I did there.


Saturday, 13 May 2017

Post Run Review : Neon Challenge 2017

Yesterday me and my friend, Afiq; who is now my running buddy went to a 10km run in Shah Alam. We registered for that run sometime in January I think due to the fact that Standard Chartered run was fully registered. So we chose this one.

Although with Afiq, his will participate in a run if

  1. They have a nice running t-shirt
  2. Runners will get a finisher's t-shirt
  3. A nice medal design
So in the end Neon Challenge 2017 was our choice of a run.

Choice of run : 10 km
Actual distance : 9.62 km
Average pace : 11'02"
Duration : 01:46:06

Throughout this whole run, I was a bit disappointed with the whole organiser.

Why you may ask? Well, these are some of the reasons why.
  • They didn't email the participants regarding the details of the race pack collection. Instead, they just posted on their social media and assuming people to follow on it.
  • Their arrangement of flag-off time is a disappointment. They didn't clearly usher the participants on how they are starting off which kinda sucks.
  • They even let their finisher t-shirt collection booth being eaten down by the participant who wanted those t-shirts. Talk about crowd control ey? Heck even I didn't get my t-shirt just because I didn't want to go through the whole mob-ish.
  • Also, I think this is just me, but the whole vibe of this "neon" run kinda just feels off. I mean I expected the venue would at least be more neon-like. I mean fully decorated with neon lights and such. In the end it's just dead.
Overall, was it great to me? It was meeeh. But hey at least I got off my butt to do some stuff,

Monday, 1 May 2017

A trip to Cambodia

Earlier this year, about a month coming into 2017, my family and I had the opportunity to go for a family trip to Cambodia. Specifically Siem Reap. Honestly, I never thought of Cambodia being on my travel bucket list or something. Until my mum brought up the idea of going for a trip to Cambodia and catch the sunrise in the background of Angkor Wat. After a hefty discussion, my brother and I took account with my mum's suggestion and thus we had a trip to Cambodia, along with my aunt and my grandmother.

When counting down the days to this family vacation, honestly I kinda almost forgot about it. I was so occupied with things that I didn't have time to do a little research on Cambodia or even Siem Reap. However, thank God that my mum and my aunt arranged a few tours and such. So I pretty much just went with it. Anyway, I just thought that I'll do a write-up based on my trip to this amazing city.

Facts that I discovered while being in Cambodia :

  1. In Cambodia, they accept US dollars and most of the prices displayed in stores are also in US dollars. I found out that shopkeepers would only give out Cambodia Riel as an exchange to US coins.
  2. By law, buildings in Cambodia shouldn't be taller than Angkor Wat which given that the height is about 213 meters (699 feet).
  3. They drive on the left side. Which I find a bit odd adapting to the situation.
Ok, I realised that my list of facts is not that impressive but hey at least I tried right? Still getting used to writing on travel posts. Anyway, let me share with you guys some of the places that we had a chance to visit.

Throughout this whole trip, I can honestly say that I'm really amazed at Angkor Wat itself. Being it so beautiful and how it become is just fascinating. I mean to know that it was once covered by a whole jungle before it being discovered by this French man. Also, the fact that it was once surrounded by gold plated Budha statues but now is nowhere to be seen at the site. However, those statues are probably being in possession of some collectors.

Anyway, I guess that is all for this post.


Friday, 14 April 2017

Krabi, Thailand - Long Awaited

Upon celebrating the fact that I manage to be living the “real” adult life, I planned a simple trip to Krabi in Thailand. Which is kind of bonkers to think of it? I mean doing it all by myself. From purchasing the flight tickets to planning the whole itinerary. When it comes to family vacation, the most I’d do is block the date, and maybe just plan the itinerary. This time, it’s all up to my decision.

However, with this such adult trip, I wasn't alone. I invited my close friend, Dayah to join in. Thank God she gracefully (lulz) accepted my invitation. So then we kinda agreed on a date and how long we were going to spend on this holiday. It was 4 days and 3 nights. This being our first trip out of the country without any adult supervision and we were kinda on a strict budget, I'd say we did pretty ok.

A vacation with a lot of first moments, we didn't put pressure on our itinerary. The only thing that we decided to book on was a 7 Island Hoping kind of tour, and this Krabi Illumanorah culture show. For the rest of the hours and days in our trip, we were kinda winging it. Like walking around, Krabi town, the pier, and somehow ended with us taking a tuk-tuk to Tiger Cave Temple. Which resulted in us climbing a heck of stairs, and having the chance on witnessing some breathtaking views from the top. Oh, did I mention that the temple has about 1237 steps to the top? We manage to conquer those stairs. Hiking up and strutting down the stairs. Of course, about a day after that, our thighs and calf were so sore until we can't even climb up any sort of steps or even small stairs.

I realised that when going to vacations, I kinda suck at taking touristy pictures like really I'm not even kidding. However, since I am planning to keep up with a blog, I thought that I might as well document some things from my travels. So as a result, I edited a whole video from my very first "adult" trip to Krabi. Do me a favour and take a viewing upon documented journey. Hope you guys liked it!


Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The I-Do-Not-Know-Where-This-Is-Going Kind of Post

Why, hello there humans!

It has been kind of a while, now isn’t it? But come on, when is it never ‘a while’ with me? This time, I just don’t have any good reason on why I neglect this precious blog of mine. I guess, all this delay is because of procrastination. It seems like throughout this quarter journey of 2017, I have been procrastinating like nobody’s business.

Till this day, I was supposed to make a video compilation of my year end trip. But look at me now. We’re in March and yet a video still hasn’t been made. Well done to myself! Fairly, I’m very disappointed with my progress.

To put a cherry on top of this procrastination problem; while procrastinating, I get depressed most of the time also adding anxiety to the math too. Usually, I’ll be all depressed and demotivated which then will lead me to procrastination. Being surrounded with these depression cloud, seems to never go away.

I have no idea where this post is heading to. To be frank, this is not a post about on how to cure depression and anxiety or even on how to overcome procrastination. I’m merely just putting it in writing of how I’m feeling.



Wednesday, 25 January 2017

20 Things That Summarized 2016

When it comes to new year's / end year post, what would people usually write about? Of course, it's none other than listing out their new year's resolution or reminiscing the year kind of post.

So guys, how was your year? I mean really, was it just like any typical year or there's some certain situation that makes it different than others? I know, a number of people tend to say out how suck 2016 has been, but we shouldn't just focus on the bad things that happen. Those bad things are just a part of life. We have to move on at some point and take the bad situation as a lesson to be learned for your dearest future.

Upon almost finishing the first month of the year, I decided to list out good things that happened in 2016. It will be a good remembrance and for us to reflect back the things that have gone by, also to be grateful that we have a chance to step into a new year.

So, shall we start with the long awaited list?

1. I started the year by landing on my first real job!

2. Finally, flying on a plane on my own for the first time.

3. Took a bus to a foreign region on my own for the first time too!

4. I'm legit a college graduate now!

5. Started to pay my own bills. (lulz, even I'm wondering how is this a good thing?).

6. Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them came out!!

7. Dodie Clark had an EP produced!

8. Basically I started going to the gym

9. Took my first swimming class. Even though I'm no Michael Phelps yet, at least this is a start.

10. Purchased my first car!

11. Planned out my first travel trip on my own!

12. Karlie Kloss started a youtube channel.

13. Only this year I found out how awesome Casey Neistat is!

14. Found an amazing youtuber, as I like her aesthetic.

15. Harry Potter and The Cursed Child came out.

16. I think I read the most books this year.

17. Having the love hate relationship with makeups and yes that means that I'm trying to get a hang of it.

18. Took a huge step by deleting my instagram account. So by this time, I'm free of FB, twitter, and instagram. I should be called a granny by now. I'll probably make a post on my distaste with social medias.

19. My blogging rate still needs an update. Well that's not a surprise.

20. Realizing that I'll be 30 in 8 years.

I guess in the end, 2016 is just nothing but a number too. I have no bigger hopes for 2017 this time. My plan is just to improve myself whether it skills, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Let's just see how the rest of 2017 goes and just hope for the best.

Cool cool,
Bahiyah MJ

ps: gif credits to google

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Mossery and Stuffs

Hello there internet!

How have you been? It's been a while since my last post. Well let's be frank, it will always be "a while" when it comes to me and posting a blog post. I really suck at thinking of a something to write about and keep it consistent. But let's go on with today's post shall we?

Recently about few weeks ago, I went to Kinokuniya in KLCC to have a look around their notebooks, planners, and other stationary stuff. So naturally, I went to their stationary section and had a little look through their notebooks which mostly are not to my liking. Its just meeeh. It doesn't scream "IT" as much.

Anyway, while I was browsing through the products they have to offer, I stumble upon this Mossery brand and their mezzanine floor. Honestly Mossery wasn't new to me as I've seen this brand like few years ago in a bazaar somewhere. I also actually bought their small notebooks that comes in a pack of 3, which they still have it only now it comes in various different designs.

Honestly though, I was rather impress and proud that Mossery manage to sell their products in Kinokuniya. So when I came back, I searched on the web regarding Mossery. Then I found out that they've been distributing their products to various other countries and even the well known stationary shop, Cziplee. Which was again, very impressive and proud that a Malaysian company brand have been gone so far.

After a weeks or so since my trip to Kinokuniya, Mossery came out with their 2017 planner. I studied through their planner virtually and their inlets were up to my liking. Which then I got myself a copy.

Here's a story, I originally had the planner delivered to my place but had to change to my office instead because there wasn't anyone home at the time as I was worried that the postman would just throw away the parcel through the gates and thus damaging the product. So in the end, the parcel arrived to my office and when I opened it, I was really pleased with the packaging procedure. I mean at that point, I wouldn't actually mind if the postman threw in the parcel through the gates. 

Apparently the Mossery team really carefully packed and wrap the product. For my planner, first, they covered in with this some kind of boxed-envelope. Then they wrapped it with bubble wrap and lastly they packed it in a proper box. Only then, they packed it in the mailing plastic bag. It really warms my heart how they took care the value of their product.

Though, from the original order, they only included a small tag and their business card along with my planner. As for the rest of the stuff, I received it when I attended their 2017 planner launch. Which was very nice and thoughtful of them.

I can't wait to utilize my planner for the year 2017. I would also like to get my 2018 planner with them too insyaAllah. I hope that they will produce more ranges like bigger notebooks and such.

Anyway guys, go check out their stuff HERE and get goo goo gaga over their stuffs just like me!! Also, I might give you guys on the insights of my planner!

Cool cool,
Bahiyah MJ